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General CHI News

The Heart of Hosting: Give Your Love to the World!

Every day is a celebration when hosting a high school exchange student. Read about how families are gifted by opening their home and hearts to the world. Find out how your family can experience the love and joy of hosting. Meet our students who are waiting to join your

Work Experience Programs

International Interns Bring Unique Views to Montana Family Ranch

Since 2011, the Cobb Charolais Ranch in Montana has successfully hosted CHI exchange visitors as agricultural interns. Their first intern, Jack Mothiba from South Africa, set the bar pretty high for all subsequent participants. The interns’ supervisor, Sarah Howe-Cobb, goes



Dear Friends, First, the Birth of CHI… If you had made a dinner reservation at Victoria Station in Larkspur, California, on October 31, 1980, you would be forgiven for not noticing a group of 4 unusual customers in the back

General CHI News

San Rafael’s Museum of International Propaganda Reopens Just in Time

On the top shelf of a display case, there’s an Adolf Hitler pincushion. Hanging from the ceiling nearby, a handmade photo mobile includes images of Hungary’s last communist leader, János Kádár, and the despotic president who ruled Turkmenistan following its

CHI Life

Tips and Tricks for Your Next Hiking Adventure – Updated

Hiking is a fun and affordable activity that is good for the body and mind.  Go with friends, explore and see something new.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert, here are some tips and tricks to help you on your next hike.

Au Pair

7 Reasons Your Family Needs an Au Pair NOW (#5 will surprise you)!

Discover the benefits of Au Pair childcare. Stay-at-home orders might be lifted but many parents can’t work without childcare. The shortage of childcare options is magnified by more limited spots in daycare venues and ambiguities over whether schools will open (or not) in the fall. Add to that the hundreds of summer camps canceled and the stress level for you as parents continues to rise.

Educational Programs

Class of 2020 Honorary Graduates!

Congratulations to our 2020 high school exchange students who were recently included in their school graduations as honorary grads!

Educational Programs

Meet Nico from France

While this pandemic has been difficult for each of us personally, it is a global crisis that has greatly impacted exchange students from around the world. Imagine experiencing a global pandemic in another country away from your family and friends? Luckily, we have amazing host families that kept them safe and took care of them as their own children.


Cards for COVID-19 Patients

CHI decided to bring a little joy to COVID-19 patients in a northern New Jersey hospital. Since COVID-19 patients are often not allowed to see friends or family, we wanted to give them some encouragement by sending get-well cards.

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