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The Heart of Hosting: Give Your Love to the World!

Every day is a celebration when hosting a high school exchange student. Read about how families are gifted by opening their home and hearts to the world.

Find out how your family can experience the love and joy of hosting. Meet our students who are waiting to join your family and to start their U.S. high school year in a few short weeks!

The Heart of Hosting: Give Your Love to the World! 1

“Gemma was such a beautiful surprise! Her time with us has been incredibly fun and memorable. We have been blessed by the experience. We could have not asked for a more delightful exchange student!”

– The Bresko Family. Oregon

“I was a bit nervous about hosting because it was the family’s first time but Irmak has made it so easy and such an enjoyable experience so far. The best thing has been watching Irmak open up and get comfortable with the family. She is always talking and sharing her culture with us and that has been the best.”

– The Meadors Family. Washington

The Heart of Hosting: Give Your Love to the World! 2

“I can’t imagine our house without her. She is like the daughter I never had. I am hoping she comes back to visit and we are able to visit her and her family.”

– The Rowton Family. Kentucky

“From day one, Lennox has been another member of the family. He integrated into life with our family really well. The best things were getting to know him and learn about German culture and his life there. We enjoyed taking him on trips and camping with our families. It was fun celebrating holidays with him because he was always so surprised by our traditions and the ways we celebrate.”

– The Mojica Family. California

The Heart of Hosting: Give Your Love to the World! 3

“We will totally miss Davide! I will miss what an amazing big brother he’s been to the boys. I will miss how caring for him has made me a better parent and better prepared me for when our boys are teenagers. I will miss the sound of him and the boy’s laughter. I’ll miss our late-night movie/snack nights. We talk about how much we care all the time.”

– The Santiago-Baird Family. California

“She has impacted our family dynamic in such a positive way and brought out the best in us. Having her here has brought us together in ways that wouldn’t have happened without her here.”

– The Lawrence Family. Maine

Open Your Home to the World!

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